Coronavirus COVID-19 statement

A notice to our loyal and valued existing patients and our would–be patients.

In view of the on-going issue with the COVID-19 virus Skin and Face Clinics would like to inform you of the action we are taking currently and how this may affect you, our patients, and ourselves going forward.

At present we intend to continue to run our clinics as planned but this may change at short notice depending on the advice we get from the Government as well as other factors.

We obviously work in a clinical environment and those of you who have visited the clinic will know that we take the issues of hygiene and cross infection very seriously.  As well as the usual routine of cleaning between patients, wearing gloves etc. we are also cleaning public areas including the waiting area, door handles, handrails etc. frequently throughout the working day.  Anti- viral and bactericidal hand cleanser is available to all patients visiting Skin and Face Clinics.   Where we can obtain a supply your treating nurse will wear a face mask and work in a well ventilated room.

With immediate effect we are suspending our booking fee in order that no one who is unwell is incentivised to attend their appointments.  We would ask that you respect the spirit of this action and give us as much notice as possible if you are not going to attend your appointment.  We will endeavour to maintain business as usual for as long as it is safe to do so.  As soon as we feel we need to change this policy to ensure the safety of our patients and staff we will do so.  This may then affect the schedule of time sensitive follow-up appointments for certain treatments, so please bear in mind a follow-up appointment may not be available.

If you become unwell with the symptoms associated with Corona virus (temperature / fever, persistent cough, muscle aches) within 5 days of attending the clinic we would be grateful if you inform us.